Graphite Audio CIS-35  Cable Isolation Stands


Graphite Audio CIS-35  Cable Isolation Stands


Graphite Audio CIS-35  Cable Isolation Stands

Price for a set of 4 pieces

CIS-35 Cable Isolation Stands are manufactured from a sophisticated and revolutionary polymer with unique anti-vibration and damping capabilities.

CIS-35 isolate all kinds of audio cables from the supporting surface and protect them from external vibrations. They are designed to support all kinds of audio cables, such as speaker cables, power cords, analogue or digital interconnects with diameter up to 25mm.

CIS-35 Cable Isolation Stands will remove harshness from the signal and will introduce naturalness and fidelity into the sonic performance of the entire system. Unbelievably as it sounds, CIS-35 will raise your audio system to a new level and will allow you to find new flavours and details in your favourite recordings. They are an ultimate upgrade for all those, who are not afraid of surprises and want to make most of their system.

Specifications :  Graphite Audio CIS-35  Cable Isolation Stands

Set 4pcs
Height 40mm
Base diameter 35mm
Max cable diameter 25mm