Lampizator Passive SE Preamplifier

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Lampizator Passive SE Preamplifier

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Lampizator Passive SE : Preamplifier

The newest ULTIMATE PASSIVE – an addition to our family. We use the best of the resistor ladder technology in all our DACs and amps, therefore it is a natural decision to make a dedicated passive attenuator “preamp”. However, by having all the box space available, we were able to stretch the design to an abosolute maximum possible, no compromise, cost no object variant – the ONE BIT design, versus 7 bit we (and everybody else) uses normally.

As a result, we made the largest, most impossible to make,  most impractical to build preamp, that offers the best sound quality of all the attenuators known to us.

We know for a fact, that there is a market among the dedicated audiophile purists, for such unique solution leaving nothing to be desired. The real “end of the road” volume control.

Specifications :     Lampizator Passive SE Preamplifier

  • 4 analog inputs in total. selectable by remote or by the dial

  • Any mix of XLR and RCA inputs – up to 4 maximum

  • One RCA output and one XLR output.

  • Dot LED display with the user interface.

  • Remote control by infrared, made from solid metal, milled by CNC.

  • 64 steps, in each step only one physical pair of resistors and relays is in the circuit per phase.

  • 128 double relays – in total 256 switching contacts, of which just 4 are engaged at any moment – one per phase.

  • Balanced operation not by means of an opamp, or signal transformer, but by using quad mono topology – a fully quadrupled circuit.

  • Resistor values well under 1% tolerance, stereo tracking and phase tracking also 1%.

  • Longevity: one million turns (in practical terms – lifetime). There are no moving parts to wear and give switching noises like in rotary switches or pots.

  • Absolute thermal stability, aging stability, parameter drift, wear and tear – undetectable in a lifetime.

  • Chassis (Amber3) [cm] 43W x 33D x 13H,   weight Net 6 kG, Gross 10 kG.

  • Front: silver, champagne or black, button and display color by customer request.

  • 115 / 230 V user switchable. 100 and 240V operation possible as well.

  • SE sockets by German WBT NEXTGEN, and XLR (silver) by Neutrik of Lichtenstein.

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