Wireworld Micro Eclipse 8 AES/EBU Digital Cable


Wireworld Micro Eclipse 8 AES/EBU Digital Cable


Wireworld Micro Eclipse 8 AES/EBU Digital Cable

Utilizing the same world-class design as its higher-priced siblings, Micro-Eclipse 8 is the cable for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to preserving the natural timbre and expressive dynamics of instruments and voices. Micro-Eclipse 8 features an upgraded Tri-DNA Helix® cable design, with OCC-7N copper conductors and Composilex 3 insulation.

ISeries 8 Micro Reference cables provide state-of-the-art balanced digital fidelity in their price ranges, with substantial improvements over the Series 7 models they replace. The three cables differ only in their external colours and conductor materials, which are variations of the world’s purest Ohno Continuous Cast® 7N (99.99999% pure) copper and silver. Micro-Eclipse 8 is a copper coloured cable with OCC-7N copper conductors. All three cables sound remarkably neutral in listening tests. Variations in their sound are mild, however moving up from copper to silver-clad copper, to solid silver increases both resolution and dynamics.

For Series 8, the upgrade to Composilex 3 and adding more strand groups has increased musicality, resolution and dynamic contrasts.

Specifications : Wireworld Micro Eclipse 8 AES/EBU Digital Cable

  • Design: 110Ω Tri DNA Helix creates a more efficient channel for electromagnetic energy, thereby preserving more of the delicate information that creates higher fidelity
  • Signal Conductors: 26AWG / 0.13 sq. mm
  • Conductor Material: OCC-7N Copper
  • Insulation: Composilex 3
  • Plug Contacts: Silver-clad copper alloy
  • Termination: XLR female to XLR male
  • Lifetime Warranty