Our story

We all love music, unique gift to us (wo)mankind… some cannot be without it for long without getting edgy, nervous and then some manage quite well without but do thoroughly enjoy it whenever experiencing it. Music touches us, makes us happy or sad, brings us to tears or makes us dance…
Play a tango & they start to move, a subtle weeping song and yes, they start to… Weep… However, the authenticity of the performance is key!
It is therefore our quest to give you that ‘feels so real !!’ experience…
With more than 30 years’ experience and a large choice of fine audio products, an attitude which is most definitely NOT high end… but friendly, helpful & laid back with cup of coffee, good music and a relaxed. No sales pressure demo we hope to give you that great feeling… goosebumps!

Expert advices

As you surely noticed the AV world is evolving fast, very fast. For instance, it is only some years ago that a company (with a bitten in fruit logo 😀) launched a service where you could buy your favorite music to download… today made obsolete by streaming services!
Yesterday (or so it seems…) the only way of spending your free (film)time was viewing some television program, now you have multiple options to just watch what you really like, when you
want to!!
Acronyms have popped up such as, WIFI, DSD, UHD OLED and many other Atmos & Auro3D… can you still follow?
Yes it is quite a challenge to keep up ..and that is why you would appreciate that we can guide you through this AV jungle and help you make the right choice and after the acquisition having someone to count on to help you out when something seemingly is not up to date anymore.
We live audio video every day, let us help you make the most of it!

Large choice

We pride ourselves with the largest choice of quality AV brands in Belgium.
Since 1986 Alpha has steadily expanded its portfolio of audiophile and videophile brands, while some are very well known such as e.g.; B&W, Accuphase. Kef. Focal. McIntosh. Burmester. Martin Loga … Over the years we added other, high value brands who while still relatively unknown, have contributed immensely to the community of music lovers with daring new products & out of the box ideas e.g.; Mola Mola. Vivid. Diptyque. Dartzeel. Fezz. Morel…
While these companies trust us to represent their products with the respect they rightly deserve, we trust them to deliver the promised quality & service you as a valued customer expect! mutual trust we call it…
The possibilities to experience these audio nirvana products, compare and evaluate them n a quiet serene setting, a relaxed atmosphere, and without any sales pressure is what makes Alpha so appreciated!
We invite you to visit us in one of our venues to feel it for yourself, we share your passion for good music & film…!

Amadeus to Zappa

One of the bare necessities in evaluating a music system is obviously… music!
& preferably your favorite genre.
Be it on the good old vinyl (apparently indestructible 😀) or on the small silver discs streaming, hard disc your choice is ours too!
we have quite some choice in the shops, however, feel free to bring with you the one you are familiar with if you wish, or bring a playlist and we will try to play it from “Tidal” or “Qobuz”.
As we are all quite passionate with music our own flavors are very wide ranging from Baroque to Fado passing over the world music scene to the heavy rock with some elegant Jazz too, and we are hungry for more all the time, so please do bring it on!
Music is essential for a good life…

The Alpha philosophy


Your audiovisual experience enriched at the highest level.


Quality products giving their outmost, chosen carefully for your pleasure.


Rooms to forget about everything, immersed in glorious sound! Around a coffee or tea.

Harmony @home

In the lexicon of technical descriptions of the various equipment’s used to reproduce sound we find some known acronyms, such as; wattage, sensitivity , voltage and also lesser known .. eg; THD (total harmonic distortion) S/N ratio (signal to noise) etc., however there is one sorely missing namely; the WAF The Wife Acceptancy Factor…
for as we all realize for most of us the music set will be placed in the main living quarters of your home… shared by …yes, the wife! (Unless you have a “man cave” 😏).
So, we would really advise you to involve her from the early investigative stages in the process of choosing your installation.
That way we can demonstrate that there is a reason for the size of these speakers instead of what she would say that her best friend has a small pair of pint-sized speakers with woofer that sound quite good… (but they rarely listen to music 😰).
And as you will be able to see, the looks of good hifi gear has evolved and can look quite sophisticated in your home.
By all means bring her along, we will do our best to get to a harmonious result pleasing him & her, for music brings harmony and warmth in a blessed house!

Evening session after office hours? Well why not…!

To experience the full relaxational power hidden in a fine musical performance the mood & the timing must be right, we spare no effort to accommodate you when you can even after regular hours. Do not hesitate to call us, we will try to make the magic happen…! The coffee is ready and so is the music, let us entertain you.