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Dear music lovers hello,

Our passion for music is based on the same credo: your ears always deserve the best.

That’s why we’re pleased to invite you to the preview presentations of the Clarisys Audio Auditorium, where you’ll be able to discover them with renewed pleasure.

If you are a fan of traditional loudspeakers or panels such as the unavoidable Apogee Acoustics (which have marked several generations) but also the Magnepan, Analysis Plus and others, come and listen to these pure gems. Our first impressions confirm that the Clarisys pushes all the criteria even further with a top level of finishing and a construction quality of without appeal.

In other words? Let’s meet on Sundays, November 20 and 27, 2022 to share these precious musical moments together.

Register now, either by phone or by email. Thank you for your (high)fidelity!

Contact :

Tel : +32 2 644 48 44


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